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Diver Heating
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Diver Heating

Diver using personal heating technology

Free-swimming divers are often exposed to extreme conditions which can induce cold stress or even hypothermia; impairing diver performance, shortening dive duration and creating unnecessary health risks to divers. An appropriate heating solution must be low profile, small volume, efficient, resistant to corrosive saltwater, sustain high pressure, and provide heat for long duration dives. Recognizing this need, RINI Technologies developed the Free Diver Heating System (FDHS). The FDHS utilizes an efficient Miniature Heat Pump cycle technology to yield impressive performance results. The FDHS operates in water as low as 40° F, provides 300W of heat to the diver at 95° F for 4 hours, and consumes less than 125W of electrical power.


  • Reduces cold stress while improving diver perform
  • Increases dive duration
  • Lessens health risks to divers
  • Easily integrates into existing dive systems


  • General Cold Water Diving
  • Salvage Diving
  • Special Operations Diving
  • Search and Rescue Diving

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